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DUI Checkpoints in Victorville

A DUI checkpoint is designed to protect the public from motorists who are driving under the influence of alcohol and or drugs. These sobriety checkpoints are conducted by either the Victorville Police Department or the California Highway Patrol; officers are trained to look for signs of intoxication.  These signs include watery or bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and even the scent of alcohol.

Once an officer notices any of the signs, they are authorized to stop and detain the driver to conduct field sobriety testing but must follow specific DUI checkpoint guidelines with a neutral and mathematical formula.  This means that the officer is not allowed to discriminate on who gets through the checkpoint.  If you feel that you have been mistreated during a DUI check point or were arrested after performing a field sobriety test, contact our Victorville DUI Attorneys today for more details on how we can negotiate your case.

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Previous Victorville DUI Checkpoint Locations

12/24/2011: 7pm-evening – undisclosed location

11/21/2009: evening – undisclosed location